Escape to Na Pali: print on demand, and more!

Last week, we launched Escape to Na Pali: A Journey to the Unreal, the new book from Kaitlin Tremblay and Alan Williamson. Thanks to everyone who has picked up a copy so far – your feedback has been great! If you haven't got the book yet, we think you'll love it.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Will there be a print edition of Escape to Na Pali?

Yes! We've ordered test prints of the hardcover edition (dust jacket, full colour pages) and will also be releasing a paperback edition in black and white, which will be considerably cheaper. We want to make sure this meets our quality expectations, so it will take a couple of weeks before the print editions are available to purchase.

I haven't played Unreal – is this book for me?

Escape to Na Pali was written for anyone with an interest in videogames to enjoy. We don't assume prior knowledge about Unreal. Naturally, if you're familiar with Unreal or you want to play along with the game while you read, you might enjoy the book even more!

Will I ever be able to buy Escape to Na Pali through other stores, such as Kindle or iBooks?

At the moment, it will only be available through the Five out of Ten store. Your purchase will work on a Kindle or iOS device and you'll always be able to download your purchases.

Are you going to write any more books?

We're currently hard at work on new issues of Five out of Ten (our next will be out at the end of July) and designing Ecco the Dolphin 3: The Tides of Twine, but never say never.

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