The Patreon Power Pack

Patreon Power Pack

Try before you back!

Five out of Ten is now funded by Patreon: backing us is the best way to build a sustainable future for our magazine, contributors, artists and editors. If we reach our milestone goals, we’ll be able to make the mag free for everyone. But despite our extensive – and, if you’ll forgive the self-indulgence, excellent – back catalogue, we understand that people want to know what they’re backing before they support it.

That’s why we’ve made a special Patreon Power Pack, available for free: five of our favourite features from our first two years that represent a mere sliver of what Five out of Ten has to offer. Here’s the deal: download the Patreon pack, and if you like the essays, please pledge your support to our Patreon and we’ll make be able to make more! Please share this sampler with your friends.

Featured in the Patreon Power Pack:

Going Stealth – Samantha Allen
#4: Storytellers

Lost – Elizabeth Simins
#7: Power

Under the Radar – Cameron Kunzelman
#10: Heart

Wanderer in a Sea of Stars – Joe Köller
#9: Time

Keep the Scandal for the End – Grant Howitt
#8: Space

You can pledge your support for us on the Five out of Ten Patreon page.

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