Issue #6 – Change

Cover #6 - Change

“It is up to the players themselves to steer gaming’s direction; to be the change we want to see.”

All profits from this issue of Five out of Ten are in aid of SpecialEffect, a charity that works to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Featured in Issue 6:

Back to the Bedroom: Game creation is shifting from corporations to individuals, allowing for more personal experience and expression.

Getting It: Who doesn’t ‘get’ videogames: the people who don’t play them, or the people who do?

The World Turned On Its Head : The videogame industry is a constant series of revolutions, where only adaptable developers can survive.

Game Changers: We visit SpecialEffect in Oxfordshire to see how their work changes lives through videogames.

Girlfriend Mode: The story of the games we love is also the story of the people we have loved.

Time and Memory: What sacrifices do we make when we follow our dreams?

The Heroine of Time: What should Princess Zelda’s real Legend be?

Featuring the work of Leigh Alexander, Christian Donlan, Dan Griliopoulos, Helen Lewis, Joe Martin, Maddy Myers and Alan Williamson.

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