Join us.

We’ve been running Five out of Ten for almost a year now, and the magazine has gone from strength to strength. We have three more fantastic issues lined up for 2013 – our next will be released at the end of July – but we’re also looking for new writers for next year.

We are now accepting pitches for new articles. Here’s what you need to know:

  • We need original, insightful articles about videogame criticism and culture. Writing that tackles games from a whole new perspective with personality and flair. Things that make us think “I wish I’d thought of that”, or “I’ve never thought about it that way” are exactly what we want.
  • Anyone is welcome to write for Five out of Ten, including writers who have contributed previously. Your ideas are more important than your portfolio, but you should provide samples of previous work. We’re willing to take the time to develop promising talent.
  • We want to hear from diverse voices across the whole gaming community. We have a history of publishing women and LGBTQ-specialist writers and we’re keen to maintain this balance.
  • We don’t pay a fixed salary: contributors receive a cut of the profits from each sale, which is better than the industry average.
  • We are accepting pieces for publication in early 2014.
  • We do not accept unsolicited submissions, republications of previously published work, or pitches for non-feature content.
  • We are unlikely to accept pitches about games that have been covered extensively in Five out of Ten before: in particular, Minecraft and The Sims.

Please send all pitches via the Contribution form. If you have any questions, contact the editor using the same form. As we are really busy working on Issue 4, you may not receive a response for a few days, but we read pitches in the order we receive them and we always respond to people who contact us. Thanks for your patience!

Good luck!

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