Time For A Change


Five out of Ten was founded to improve people’s lives. That might sound pretentious, but it’s true: our founding aims were to get decent wages for our writers, by producing a magazine that was worth the money. We are still fighting for those things, but we couldn’t help but ask: can we do even better than this? Rather than just earn a little money for ourselves, can we do something that is simply… good?

Our sixth issue is called ‘Change’: all profits from the magazine will go to SpecialEffect, a charity that improves the lives of people with disabilities through videogames. We visited the offices of SpecialEffect last month, and you can read more about the incredible work they do inside the magazine.

To deliver a truly special issue, we’ve enlisted the help of some of our favourite journalists, writing on the theme of ‘change’. The magazine wouldn’t have happened without their generosity. They are:

Leigh Alexander, Editor-at-Large of Gamasutra and EDGE columnist

Christian Donlan, Senior Staff Writer for Eurogamer

Dan Griliopoulos, freelancer extraordinaire for The Guardian, EDGE, PC Gamer, RockPaperShotgun and more

Helen Lewis, Deputy Editor of the New Statesman

Joe Martin, ‘semi-retired’ journalist who used to write for Gamasutra, Eurogamer and more

Maddy Myers, Assistant Editor of Paste Magazine Games

The cover image was created by the awesome Dominik Johann.

Five out of Ten #6: Change will be released this Saturday, 30th November.

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