We are not currently accepting pitches for Five out of Ten – check our Twitter and Facebook feeds for more information on when we’re looking contributions!

Five out of Ten publishes the best independent games writing in the world. We offer our writers a blank canvas: we want your essays, experiences, hopes and dreams. We are written by everyone, for anyone. We’ll never be the world’s biggest magazine, but we want to be the best – and fairest.

What we’re looking for

  • Unique, imaginative and inspirational games criticism and cultural writing.
  • Meticulously researched, thought-provoking investigative journalism.
  • Voices from beyond the mainstream: we have a proud history of publishing work from women, minorities, and LGBTQ-specialist writers. We strongly encourage writers from these backgrounds to get in touch.

What we’re not looking for

  • Event coverage or interviews, unless part of a larger feature or of significant novelty value.
  • Anything about these games (we love them, we’ve just covered them too much!): BioShock series, MinecraftDeus Ex series, The Elder Scrolls series, Far Cry series, UnrealSpec Ops: The LineThe SimsDishonored, Mass Effect series.
  • Anything too similar to previously-published essays. You can see all of our back issues in the catalogue.

What you need to know

  • We pay each contributor a proportion of magazine sales, plus a share of our Patreon income. There is no guaranteed wage, but we’ll pay you as much as we can. If we release any anthologies or bundles, we’ll pay you commissions on these too.
  • We are accepting pieces for publication throughout 2016. Your essay will be reserved for a future issue with others that are a good balance. We will give you at least two months notice before copy is due.
  • We do not accept republications of previously published work.
  • We only want concrete feature ideas. Do not send generic freelance work requests.
  • You can email us more than one pitch at a time, as long at they’re all good.
  • You must provide a portfolio of work: 2-3 representative samples. Your writing need not have been professionally published elsewhere. We don’t want to see your CV.
  • We reply to everyone (as long as you follow these guidelines), but it takes time. Please don’t chase us with follow-up emails.
  • We’re accepting submissions until we have enough. Pitch early to avoid disappointment.

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