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What are the main reasons you purchased Five out of Ten?
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In which format(s) do you read the magazine?
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How do you read the magazine?
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Would you be interested in print editions of Five out of Ten?
Would you be interested in a subscription feature, so new issues are automatically delivered to your email account?
Would you be interested in subscribing through another store, such as the Kindle store or Newsstand/ iBooks Store? (This would cost more than subscribing through our website).
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Do you think the standard price of £5 (£3.50 in the first two weeks, £10 if you want to pay more) is:
Assuming the price stayed the same in future, would you rather have:
Which of these would you like in future issues of Five out of Ten?
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If you have any general feedback or words of support for the team, please leave it here:
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If you'd like to enter our prize draw for Issue 4, please enter a contact email address.
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