Year One – Issues 1-5

Five out of Ten - Year One

Five great magazines,
one essential collection.

Get the entire first year of Five out of Ten in one package, including an exclusive collector’s edition PDF.

#1 – New Horizons

“Where can videogames take us that cinema, music and art cannot?”

#2 – Players Guide

“While many of us have grown up with videogames our whole lives, some players are just getting started.”

#3 – Reflecting Reality

“We hear of games becoming ever more realistic, but maybe they’re just becoming more intricate fantasies.”

#4 – Storytellers

“Videogame stories are where interactivity meets cinematography, decisions change destinies and players become poets.”

#5 – Mind Games

“We are drawn – mind, body and soul – into the games we play.”

Featuring work from: Samantha Allen, Bill Coberly, Denis Farr, Brendan Keogh, Cameron Kunzelman, Rick Lane, Kris Ligman, Robbie Pickles, Lana Polansky, Marc Price, Ed Smith, Oscar Strik, Jordan Erica Webber, Julian Williams, Katie Williams, Craig Wilson and Alan Williamson.

Your purchase contains the original PDF, ePub and MOBI (for Kindle) versions of the five magazines, plus a collector’s edition Year One PDF.

Click the buttons below to download a preview of each issue before you buy the collection. Our first issue, New Horizons, is available for free in its entirety.

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