Frequently Asked Questions


What is the format of Five out of Ten? Is every article based on one theme?

Every issue of Five out of Ten has ten articles: two each from five authors. The first five are chosen by the writers and don’t share a common theme, while the latter five are all dedicated to the same theme. We release new issues every two months.

How much do writers get paid?

We split all profits from the magazine equally between the our contributors (including the editor), minus transaction fees and the cost of maintaining the site’s hosting and infrastructure. We aim to pay authors their share of the profits for at least a year from the date of publication.

Getting Started

I made an account. How do I get to my downloads?

If you created an account, you can log in from the link in the top-right corner of the window. The My Purchases page will have a link to the latest versions of all issues you’ve purchased. Your purchases will always be available to download here, but please keep a copy on your computer just in case.

I didn’t register an account. How do I get my download?

You will have received a download link to the email address you provided – this is valid for 72 hours from the date of purchase. Check your spam! If your download link has expired, please log in to your account or contact us for a new link.

What’s the difference between the magazine versions?

PDF is our full-colour digital magazine with beautiful page layouts. It’s the ‘real’ magazine. It’s best if you’re reading on computer, iPad or Android tablet, or a smartphone with a large screen.
ePub is a free and open e-book standard supported by many tablets and e-readers. ePub is designed for reflowable text, so you can adjust the text size to suit your device. It’s best for e-readers and smartphones, but also looks great on tablets and computers.
MOBI is an e-book standard for Amazon Kindle readers. If you have a Kindle, this is the version you want. Otherwise, MOBI is identical to ePub.
AZW3 is an alternative to MOBI, also for Kindle. We no longer produce AZW3 for new issues, so please download the MOBI version instead.

Device Instructions:


Free PDF readers include Adobe Reader and Apple Preview (Mac only). We recommend these readers as we test the magazine layout with them. Free ePub readers include the free and open-source Calibre and Adobe Digital Editions.

iOS Devices

If you have a computer, you can download an issue and move it to your Dropbox or Google Drive folder. Then open it from your iPad: we recommend Apple’s free iBooks app, which will open both the PDF and ePub versions.
If you don’t have a computer, download the iBooks app, then log into the Five out of Ten website through Safari and download your magazine from the website. You can read in Safari, but please use the ‘Open in…’ option to ensure the magazine is stored on your device.

Android devices

If you have a computer, you can download an issue and move it to your Dropbox or Google Drive folder. Then read it from there, or use the free Adobe Reader app. If you don’t have a computer, then log into the Five out of Ten website through your web browser and then open it in Adobe Reader.


Connect your Kindle to your computer using a USB cable. It should then appear like an external drive. Copy the issue into your documents folder, then unmount the Kindle.

Other e-readers

Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions, or or contact us for assistance.

Purchasing and Payment

I don’t have a PayPal account/ UK bank account!

We can only accept UK and USA credit or debit cards at present – any international PayPal account will work fine, but if you’re not from the USA or UK you will need a PayPal account to complete your purchase. PayPal is secure, reliable, and charges lower transaction fees than other services, so we can ensure more revenue goes straight to our contributors.

Who is eligible for a ‘Discount’ price?

Five out of Ten works on an honours system: pay what you can afford. Our standard price is £5. We think the magazine is worth that price, but we also want to reach as many readers as possible, including those on a limited budget. From time to time we’ll offer discounts and deals, like our Year One collection.