Anthology Four

Five out of Ten - Anthology Four

Four play.

Enjoy four fantastic issues of Five out of TenIdentity, Myth, Fantasy, and Lost and Found – in one special edition! This anthology was made possible through the support of the Five out of Ten Patreon.

#16 – Identity

“Find out who you really are.”

#17 – Myth

“The legend will never die.”

#18 – Fantasy

“Let me be your fantasy.”

#19 – Lost and Found

“Just what you were looking for.”

Featuring writing from: Nathan Altice, Edward Bals, Lee Baker, Brian Butcher, Brian Crimmins, Phil Hartup, Phil Keeling, Daniel Korn, Gaby Lax, Megan LeBoeuf, Jody Macgregor, Ben Meredith, Lindsay Robertson, Amsel von Spreckelsen, AR Teschner, Joshua Trevett, Jess Turner, Ana Valens, Carli Velocci, and Alan Williamson.








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