Flux Capacitor: The Best of Haywire


Contemplative blockheads.

Five out of Ten presents a special compilation of the best of Haywire Magazine: ten of the best features from Haywire’s first two years, lovingly published with an all-new design. All profits from Flux Capacitor go directly to the contributors: help us support outstanding independent writing!

Featured in Flux Capacitor:

Pulling the Strings: Lindsey Joyce sits in the Director’s chair.

Constants and Variables: Javy Gwaltney explores bonds forged in Fire Emblem and Mass Effect.

I Don’t Dance: How Elizabeth ruined Bioshock Infinite for Francisco Dominguez.

Tap to Play: Mahreen Fatima taps her keyboard in rhythm.

Programmed to Please: Joe Köller goes hands-on with Tale of Tales’ Luxuria Superbia.

Slouching Towards Los Santos: Miguel Penabella on the terrible, beautiful mess of Grand Theft Auto V.

Controlling Depression: Jed Pressgrove dissects the academic prototype game Elude.

Play Therapy: Zachary Brictson considers Final Fantasy VIII’s improbable quest to get its players to put down the game.

Seven Years of Plenty: Luke Pensiero looking too close and too hard at the survival city-builder Banished.

Full Disclosure: Remember Me: Taylor Hidalgo admits to his biases.

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