Issue #10 – Heart

Issue 10 - Heart
“Open your heart, it’s gonna be alright.”

Featured in Issue 10:

Under the Radar: Metal Gear Solid is about seeing and being seen, until Solid Snake stands against Vulcan Raven.

Discovering Wor(l)ds: We should not abjure the potential of videogames to expand our lexical inventories.

Get Well: A tribute to the games that get us through tough times.

Freedom Fighters: Released six months after the invasion of Iraq, Freedom Fighters shows Americans what it’s like to be occupied and threatened.

Bundled Treasures: Meet the developers who are tackling piracy in a unique way: by releasing their games in the Pirate Bay Bundle.


Survivors: Lone Survivor offers a realistic and sobering take on mental illness within a survival horror game.

Digital Love: When was the last time a videogame gave you butterflies? How do games fail at portraying love, and how can they succeed?

The Heart of a World: Games like Skyrim and Exile: Escape from the Pit have beating hearts of questing, action and activity that push players around their worlds.

Just Passing: StreetPass is a unique way for players to meet, build communities and friendships. We visit a Pokémon tournament to meet one such group.

Drift Compatible: The women of Fire Emblem: Awakening are not just powerful in battle, but form deep and meaningful friendships with each other.

Featuring the work of Cameron Kunzelman, Christos Reid, Ed Smith, Kaitlin Tremblay and Alan Williamson. Artwork for ‘Drift Compatible’ by Ashley Djarmocky.


Under the RadarDiscovering WordsGet WellFreedom FightersBundled TreasuresHeart
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