Issue #11 – Soul

Issue 11 - Soul “Your words are as empty as your soul!”

Featured in Issue 11:

A Fairy Tale: Rogue Legacy’s gay characters have stories to tell, whether they are dwarves or dragons.

The Best of the West: The Californian rhythm games scene is all about community, rather than competition.

Forgotten Gems: History is written by the victors, but in entertainment, the victors are the only history. What of the games we’ve left behind?

On Max Payne Becoming a Lush: Tracing the fall of Max Payne from tortured soul to malcontent lush.

New Journeys: Exploring adolescence, the nature of friendship and love in Kingdom Hearts.


The Mayor of New Lungfishopolis: How does SimCity fail to create cities with a soul where SimCity 2000 succeeds?

The Soul of a Vampire: The self-righteousness of Raziel in Soul Reaver is what drives him to the violent acts that damn him.

Armchair Anthropologists: Gone Home and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter tell stories through their inanimate objects.

Hylian Death Rituals: Link is the Hero with a Thousand Faces, his soul bound in a cycle of eternal heroism.

We Are Water: The way we play in ‘morality simulators’ comes from our own experiences, but what if the game was our own experience?

Featuring the work of Denis Farr, Austin Howe, Richard Moss, Michelle Perez and Carli Velocci. Cover artwork by Emilie Majarian.

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