Issue #12 – Future

Issue 12 - Future “Shape the Future.”

This is the first issue proudly brought to you with the support of the Five out of Ten Patreon and incorporating Issue #0 of ME&R Zine!

Featured in Issue 12:

Reclaiming Cinematic: Denying similarities between film and games means repeating avoidable

Games Vs. People: Homelessness in Sim City isn’t just the player’s dilemma: it’s a systemic problem, not easily resolved.

Love, Dad: A son’s attempt to solve the puzzles of Myst, memories, and fatherly love.

Abandoning the Strong Female Character: There’s a great deal lost when ‘strong’ doesn’t challenge masculine conceptions.

Die Qual Der Wahl: Unlearning the torture of choice and committing to the possibility of failure.


Shifting War Narratives: The true hardships of war are exposed when we focus less on battle on more on empathy.

Dates of Future Past: When dating is a game, you can swipe right to play, but winning requires a different kind of skill.

Surviving Sevastopol: Alien Isolation‘s derelict space station isn’t just the lair of a hunter. It’s an enemy in itself.

Drink Deep the Dirt: The Martian colonist game and 202nd IGF winner sparks controversy – on both Mars and Earth.

Pens and Swords: The future of games lies with people, rather than algorithms, acting as dungeon masters.

Featuring the work of Matt Duhamel, Tom Hatfield, Soha Kareem, Ed Smith, and Alan Williamson. Cover artwork by Rachel Archer.

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