Issue #13 – Luck

Issue 13 - Luck “Make your own luck.”

Another outstanding issue, brought to you with the kind support of the Five out of Ten Patreon backers and incorporating Issue #1 – ‘Forgotten’ – of ME&R Zine!

Featured in Issue 13:

Playing as Myself: What happens when you’re drafted to a pro-sports league, but aren’t a pro?
Relationships, Vulnerability, and U: Finding solace and personal acceptance with a friend called Bayonetta.
Videogames for a Good Kid: Escaping the stigmas of ADHD in the classroom through videogames.
A Burnt Offering: The body horror and religious decoration of Binding of Isaac is ultimately lacking in meaning.
Learning Through Play: The learning potential of the Learning and Teaching Scotland project “Consolarium” is cut short alongside its funding.

Learning to Lose: Mario Kart 8’s spirit, nostalgia, and its mix of skill and luck all combine to make losing fun.
Random Number Gods: If the randomness of Baldur’s Gate and XCOM is a vicious God, at least it’s a fair one.
Losing Luck, Finding Control: Videogames can give us a feeling of control that’s often absent from our lives.
The Puzzle of Permadeath: The threat of permanent death in Angband and Dungeons of Dredmor helps us take responsibility for our actions.
The Legend of Chaos: Luck versus experience explored through the myth of the Chaos Orb in Magic: The Gathering.

Featuring the work of Bill Coberly, Ria Jenkins, Lindsey Joyce, Paul King, and Matt Thrower. Cover artwork by Craig Wilson.

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