Issue #14 – Nature

Issue 14 - Nature “One with nature.”

Our latest issue, brought to you with the kind support of the Five out of Ten Patreon backers and incorporating Issue #2 – ‘Discovery’ – of ME&R Zine!

Featured in Issue 14:

The Dirty Dozen: In Mass Effect 2, you must work hard to gain the loyalty of your squad, but only the suicide mission can determine if you deserve it.

A Virtual Odyssey: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West delicately breaks the fourth wall to make us reconsider what we want from games and what they mean to us.

Civilian Targets: Used as a game mechanic, the killing of civilians in Command and Conquer are more than a diversion, they are the means by which the player succeeds or fails.

Beyond Baldur’s Gate: Devoted fan communities, like those of Baldur’s Gate, will go to great lengths to expand the worlds they love.

Man and Machine: Zone of the Enders takes a unique approach to cyborgs that is more than just transhuman fetishism.


Skill, Wit, and Magic: Through its magical framework, Folklore helps map the essence of Ireland.

Natural Designs: What is and isn’t “natural” is often challenged by design, whether it be divine, garden, or game design.

El Nido, El Niño: Chrono Cross asks us to consider what happens when saving humanity and saving the world aren’t the same thing.

Seeing Green: Tiberian Sun’s descent into dystopia is slow, both nature and people adapt, but not necessarily in harmony.

The Unnatural Evolution of Pokémon: Pokémon were inspired by the natural world of their creator, but their evolution across games shows both technological and natural change.

Featuring the work of Stephen Beirne, Nate Ewert-Krocker, Mark R Johnson, Lindsay Robertson, and Oscar Strik. Photography by Alan Williamson.

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