Issue #17 – Myth

Issue 17 - Myth

The Legend Will Never Die.

Enter the world of gaming myths with our new issue, brought to you with the kind support of our Five out of Ten Patreon backers. Also includes issue #4 of ME&R Zine!

Featured in Issue 17:

Home Is Where the Console Is – 10,000 miles from home and a console, a love of gaming grows.

A Crisis of Fayth – Yuna’s journey in Final Fantasy X serves as an allegory for the trials we face on the road to adulthood.

Cover Me, I’m Reloading! – Guns are a quick way to turn a setting into a scene, but what happens when games take them seriously?

Gamification in the Classroom – A class levels up to beat the Bully Wizard and discovers a new way to learn.

Mythbuilding – How do we keep our minds stoked with new myths and legends when we are biased towards the old ones?

The Liver of Prometheus – Videogames are an oral history, retold time and again, amended in the telling each time we play.

Kracking the Kode of Gaming Myths – Myth and the gaming community coexist in a symbiotic relationship, where legends can become reality.

You Are Destiny – The myths of Bungie’s latest game are influence by the fan-created legends of its predecessors.

An Absence of Faith – Videogames deal with living deities that influence and affect their worlds. Games have religion, but where is their faith?

First Person Perspectives – A game of laser tag calls into question how virtual reality might break down the barrier between the player and their role.

Featuring the work of Megan LeBoeuf, Lindsay Robertson, Amsel von Spreckelsen, Joshua Trevett, Jessica Turner, and Alan Williamson. Cover artwork by Meg Syverud.

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