Issue #18 – Fantasy

Issue 18 - Fantasy

Let me be your fantasy.

Fantasy is what you make of it in our new issue, brought to you with the kind support of our Five out of Ten Patreon backers!

Featured in Issue 18:

Editor-in-Brief: Fantasy
When Final Fantasies meet realities.

A Transitioning Medium:Breaking Down Trans Literature in Gaming – Ana Valens
Videogames such as Dys4ia and Lim invite us into the worlds of others, acting as a new cultural touchstone for generations.

When is the Game Over? – Phil Hartup
Time is fundamental to the relationship between a player and the game. How can you tell when your time with a game is up?

Burnt Out Paradise – Brian Crimmins
Does Paradise City epitomise American culture; is it really the place where the grass is green and the girls are pretty?

May The Best Man Win – Gaby Lax
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance goes against the series’ portrayals of different kind of masculinity, to its detriment.

Zen Gardens – Jess Turner
Virtually gardening your way to relaxation through Viva Piñata, Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing: different games that teach us the importance of waiting.

A Hard Miracle – Gaby Lax
Fire Emblem: Awakening embraces modern conventions and new audience, but where does that leave old fans of the series?

Also Sprach Zio: Phantasy Star IV and Nietzsche – Brian Crimmins
Japanese role-playing games often explore existential themes, but Phantasy Star IV tackles them directly through a Nietzschean lens.

The Humble Epic: Mount and Blade: Warband – Phil Hartup
Warband has a laissez-faire design philosophy, but it leads to compelling narratives and an unrivalled digital ecosystem.

Please Select Your Female Character – Ana Valens
The women of Left 4 Dead, DOTA 2, and Skullgirls can teach us surprising lessons about femininity, and what it’s like to be a different kind of girl.

Featuring cover artwork by Craig Wilson.

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