Issue #19 – Lost and Found

Issue 19 - Lost and Found

Just what you were looking for.

Lose yourself in our new issue, brought to you with the kind support of our Patreon supporters! On sale 24th November 2016.

Featured in this issue:

Editor-in-Brief: Lost and Found

Is Sonic Mania the true successor we’ve always wanted?

Tolerance Zero – Nathan Altice

Urban Chaos: Riot Response shows how not to satirise America’s militarised police force.

Gaming for Good – Lee Baker

Folding@Home and EVE‘s ‘Project Discovery’ are more than just playthings.

A Drunk’s Defense of Mystic Quest – Phil Keeling

No explanation required.

Teasing Out the Threads – Edward Bals

How can videogames grow beyond their roots in literature?

DOTA 2: The Anxiety Machine – Brian Butcher

When games are both the cause of anxiety, and the cure.

Pots, Pans, and Other Fetch Quests – Edward Bals

The humble fetch quest can enrich a game through excellent writing and world-building.

Dating the Kingdom – Phil Keeling

Tinder and Reigns have more in common than their controls.

Unexpected Hits – Brian Butcher

Is fandom helpful in promoting and producing videogames, or a hindrance?

A Change of Perception – Lee Baker

Games like Her Story and Tangiers don’t change how games look; they change how we look at them.

The Casual Sniper – Nathan Altice

The pernicious banality of Sniper Duty: Prison Yard.

Featuring cover artwork by Craig Wilson.

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