Issue #20 – Memory

Issue 20 - Memory


The amazing final issue of Five out of Ten, brought to you with the kind support of our Patreon supporters!

Featured in this issue:

Carly Smith – The Art of Loss

Examining tragedy and entertainment through That Dragon, Cancer.

Imran Khan – I’m a Fighter

The fight for the true identity of Dead or Alive continues.

Alex Avard – The Uneasy Fidelity of Castro’s Gaming Cameos

How do you portray a man whose legacy remains a matter of contention?

Anthony McGlynn – To Soothe One’s Soul

Remain calm, remember your breathing, and step forward into Lordran.

Alan Williamson – Getting Lost in Games

No one gets lost anymore: how we can become explorers and get lost in our games again.

Alex Avard – Back to the Future

How time travel created 2016’s most memorable missions.

Imran Khan – Links to the Past

An unexpected companion for Ocarina of Time leads to another kind of adventure.

Anthony McGlynn – The Curious Nostalgia of Dear Esther

Recollection and sentimentality take on a wider meaning when you walk with Dear Esther.

Alan Williamson – Emulating Memories

We can emulate the games from our past, but what happens to the memories attached to them?

Carly Smith – Preserving the Past

How do we archive games when their physical components are integral to the experience?

Featuring cover artwork by Craig Wilson.

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