Issue #4 – Storytellers

Cover #4 - Storytellers

“Videogame stories are where interactivity meets cinematography, decisions change destinies and players become poets. How do games tell better stories than other media, and where do they fall short?”

Featured in Issue 4:

Going Stealth: When life becomes a game of stealth. Hitman: Blood Money and Gender Passing.
Isolation: When you open your eyes, you are near the shore…
Only in Dreams: Who is dreaming in Link’s Awakening: the character, or the player?
Man of Silicon: Why does the world’s greatest hero appear in the world’s worst games?
Killing is Charmless: How L.A. Noire makes violence boring.


Nier Death Experience: A game where the ending changes every time you play.
Rand’s Rapture: What happens if we play Bioshock from the perspective of Objectivism?

Go Tell The World: The best games stories don’t describe characters; they describe worlds.
The Breaking of the Bat: The Arkham series are great Batman games, but are they great Batman stories?
Worlds Apart: Silent Hill gives insight into the different worlds our lives can occupy.

Featuring the work of Samantha Allen, Ed Smith, Oscar Strik, Julian Williams and Alan Williamson.

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