Issue #7 – Power

Cover #6 - Change

“Now you’re playing with power!”

Featured in Issue 7:

No, I’m Both: Personal Identity in BioShock Infinite: “It would seem the universe does not like its peas mixed with its porridge”.

Lost: What’s it like to be truly lost in a game, trapped in a dungeon with your own internal compass broken?

Blacks in Gaming: A Cycle of Ignorance: Black characters in games contribute to, and are informed from, misguided perceptions of what it means to be black in America.

God Was a Dream of Good Government: Is the vision of anarchy proposed by Deus Ex a utopia, or chaos? It’s all a matter of perspective.

Wild: Will videogames ever gain mainstream acceptance, and does it matter if they don’t? The Wild Rumpus offers an insight.


Powers: Power in gaming takes many forms.

Blood and Brain: Nightmare: Malaria uses play to tell a tale without an ending.

Heart of Darkness: Far Cry 2 offers a stark contrast to most first-person shooters: a disempowerment fantasy in the hell of civil war.

I am Nerevarine: Morrowind’s Dark Elves echo the writer’s experience as a descendent of the Chickasaw in modern America.

Girl Power: Women in games are often reduced to sexual objects, stripped of their power, but characters are beginning to buck the trend.

Featuring the work of Johnny Kilhefner, Elizabeth Simins, Daniel Starkey, Jordan Erica Webber and Alan Williamson.

Five out of Ten #7: Power contains content related to racial abuse which some readers may find distressing. If in doubt, please download our free preview before purchasing, or contact the editor. 

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