Issue #2 – Players Guide

Cover #2 - Players Guide “While many of us have grown up with videogames our whole lives, some players are just getting started.”

In Issue 2:

Return to Oinktown: returning to Animal Crossing: Wild World after three years away from home.

How the Dead Reach Out: exploring the videogame tragedies of Halo: Reach and The Walking Dead.

Player’s Instinct: our instincts trust games that are fair and make us feel in control, whether we’re an adult or a child.

Ken’s Invisible Crotch: exploring the construction of gender through drag in XCOM: Enemy Unknown and The Sims.

Sleep is Death: a unique storytelling experience allows for new directions in game narratives.

Players Guide

A History of Violence: do videogames really cause violent behaviour? A comprehensive look at the evidence.

Dolls and Monsters: the misogynist monsters of Silent Hill: Downpour illustrate how modern games view women.

The Realm of Possibility: MMOs provide an unlikely space for coming out.

Auteurs on Demand: downloadable games allow for experiences packed with personal touches.

Building Better Worlds: Minecraft isn’t just a videogame phenomenon: it enriches the real world as well.

Featuring the work of Denis Farr, Rick Lane, Marc Price, Katie Williams, and Alan Williamson.

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