Triple Pack: Issues 1-3

Cover #3 - Reflecting Reality
Three issues, one amazing bundle at a special prize. Start your Five out of Ten collection today! This bundle contains PDF and ePUB versions of the first three issues of the magazine:

Issue #1 – New Horizons

“In this issue, we look at new horizons of gaming: where can videogames take us that cinema, music and art cannot? What are the limits of the medium?”

Issue #2 – Players Guide

“As gaming becomes a more inclusive and popular pastime, it’s important to remember that while many of us have grown up with videogames our whole lives, some players are just getting started.”

Issue #3 – Reflecting Reality

“We hear of games becoming ever more realistic, but maybe they’re just becoming more intricate fantasies. There’s a place in gaming for both documentary and drama, fact and fiction.”

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