Recruitment Drive

The first issue of Five out of Ten has been an amazing success: we met our target for New Horizons within the first month of sale, but of course it’s still on sale if you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy yet. If you’ve already bought a copy of the magazine, ePUB, MOBI and AZW3 versions are now available – just log into your account or contact us if you didn’t make an account. We’re hard at work on Issue 2 with a new group of contributors; it will be available from the end of February. More details to come!

What we need now are more contributors: enthusiastic writers with amazing feature ideas. Maybe you’re already a freelance writer with some pitches begging to be turned into articles, or you’re a new writer looking for a way to kickstart your career. Either way, we want to hear your ideas. We want to hire you and make you some money!

Don’t think that this isn’t worth your time: we pay more than most games websites (Five out of Ten contributors share the profits of each issue). Don’t be daunted by the length of features we publish, or your lack of experience: we’re here to help and we’ll give any writer a chance to develop ideas into essays. Don’t tell yourself you’re not good enough: you’re awesome! Get in touch with us.

Please visit our contribution page for further information and our contact form.

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