Issue #15 – Control

Issue 14 - Nature

“Take Control!”

Our latest issue, brought to you with the kind support of our Five out of Ten Patreon backers. Includes the return of our irregular feature, Book Club!

Featured in Issue 15:

Editor in Brief – In Control: what’s better: control, or chaos?

Seeking Solas: Relationships and Dragon Age: No one is required to love you, even when you’re the Chosen One.

The Death and Life of the Joystick: One man’s quest to reconcile himself with videogame peripherals.

The Challenges of an Infinite Galaxy: What are the limits of creating something as limitless as Elite: Dangerous?

Depicting the Unpredictable: wargaming paradoxically demonstrates our need for control, when great commanders had none.

The Awe-Filled Pilgrimage of El Shaddai: Devoted and passionate artistry can inspire belief and awe.


Fear Control: The Information Dystopia of Metal Gear Solid 2: Beneath its postmodernist themes, Metal Gear Solid 2 is about the dangers of digital information control.

Controlling the Past, Present, and Future of Gaming: the history and future of videogaming belongs to all cultures, not just the dominant narratives.

Imagination’s Death March: Through wargaming we can seize the distant and unattainable.

The Art and Science of Custom Fightsticks: Soujistiks manifests a player’s passion into the right tools for the job.

Turf War: Splatoon shows us that control can be as simple as staking your claim and declaring your existence.

Featuring the work of Mitch Bowman, Ian Dransfield, Bruce Geryk, Jake Muncy, and Carly Smith. Cover artwork by Alan Williamson.

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