Issue #16 – Identity

Issue 16 - Identity

Find out who you really are.

Celebrate three years of Five out of Ten with our new issue, brought to you with the kind support of our Five out of Ten Patreon backers.

Featured in Issue 16:

Editor in Brief – Identity: Hail to the Chief?

A Tale of Two Cities: In Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire, Shapeir is a city you can call home… after you get lost in it.

The Big, The Vast, and the Epic: Vast games have the same scale as epic ones, but leave control and creativity to the player.

Exploring Glitch Space: Game spaces are created for the player, but glitch spaces reveal something about their developers.

Nostalgia in Absentia: When nostalgia affects how we talk about and make games, we limit their audiences and potential.

Diaspora Tales: Videogames don’t often feature Jewish characters, but each example provides a unique perspective on Judaism.


A Guided Meditation: Meditative games aren’t about relaxation; they’re about narrowing our focus.

Archaeology of the Self: Game saves act as archaeological artefacts, defining who we were and the choices we made in the moment.

To Be This Old Takes Ages: Old Sega games transcend their imperfections through creative daring.

Uncanny Bodies: When our high fidelity avatars don’t move as they should, the result is jarring and creepy.

Some Kind of Monster: In Bloodlines, being a monster tells us a great deal about the measure of our humanity.

Featuring the work of Daniel Korn, Jody Macgregor, Ben Meredith, AR Teschner, and Carli Velocci. Cover artwork by Craig Wilson.

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